The instructor is very reliable and friendly. I was very nervous whether I would pass or not but I am very thankful for my instructor as I was able to pass in first attempt because of his guidance and tips. So, I would highly recommend for new learners.
AnujJung Thapa
I came across saanvi Driving School as I was looking for an intense driving course. Having never driven before I was very nervous. With great advice, pointers, tips and and dialogue, I was able to pass my test first time. Thanks bishnu!
Tina Subba
Saanvi Driving is friendly, cheap and reliable. Thank you for all efforts which help to get the licence passing exam confidently. Choose Sanvi Driving, you will not regret.
Santosh Acharya
Its been more than 2 years but still when ever i get a chance to thank my driving mentor mr bishnu belbase, i jump on to that opportunity. i started learning driving with him without any prior driving experiences and he was very calm even with my reckless driving at the initial stage with his professional teaching skills and motivation, i was able to be a confident and safe driver and finally passed my provisional 1 license in first go..i urge everyone to be a part of saanvi driving school and build up that confidence and skill
Arun Shrestha
Best in town. Instructor is professional and friendly.
Himalaya Dewan
most comfortable instructor. recommended for sure🚘
Prakash Bhattarai
The best, friendly and convenient driving school in the west. Strong recommendation. 5 star
‎De Yayoo‎
Saanvi driving is very professional and trustworthy for the learning your first driving lesson. Got my full license from the saanvi driving lesson . Thanks a lot bishnu dai and highly recommended for the driving class.
Milan Shrestha
Very kind,humble,respectful and patient instructor.Honestly if you want to pass first time go for him and listen to him. I passed my practical driving test first time.Great service and highly recommended.Thank you so much Saanvi Driving School 😊
Rachana Shrestha
Highly recommended. Learn the safest way of driving.
Pramod Neupane
Very professional and friendly driving instructor recommend to all the learner drivers.. Saanvi driving school contact Bishnu Belbase on 0401427586 to book your class
Sabita Lamichhane

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